Category: Cannabis Recipe


Fantastic Pot Pasta

2 cup shell pasta 1 1/2 cup cannabis milk (1/4 oz. bud or 1/2 oz. leaf) half of a green (or red or yellow) pepper half of a onion a glove of garlic 2 tablespoons margarine (cannabis margarine!) 4 tablespoon flour 1/2 teaspoon wet mustard fresh dill spice 3 tablespoon nutritional yeast soy sauce Procedure … Read More


How to make cannabis butter

1 bag of shake (roughly 1/2 pound – 1 pound) Large cooking/stock pot (mine is a 4 gallon) 5 pounds butter or margarine cheesecloth for straining thick elastic bands empty plastic containers with lids (ice-cream pails or large Tupperware work best) ladle or coffee mug rubber gloves or oven mitts   Procedure¬† It’s always best … Read More