How to Roll a Joint

Your smoking experience is greatly affected by the tools that you use to consume marijuana. Pipes and bongs are both common vehicles for the activity. Joints are much simpler to smoke for many, but can be difficult to roll without the know how.

What is a joint?

A joint is marijuana rolled in rolling paper that is smoked like a cigarette. Rolling paper and marijuana are the only two items required to rolling a joint.


  1. Break your marijuana into smaller, manageable pieces. Remove stems and seeds as they are found.
  2. Take out a piece of rolling paper. Fold the bottoms of the paper into the middle and crease them. Rolling papers generally come folded in half already, so finding the middle is done for you already.
  3. While holding the folded paper in your hand (horizontally is best) pour your marijuana into the middle of your crease.
  4. Lightly flatten the marijuana along the length of the joint with your finger. Work to keep the round shape of the joint, or it will be uneven and may fall apart.
  5. Next, use your thumbs to bring the middle of the joint together. Then roll the ends of the joint with your index fingers, and repeat until you reach the glue of the paper.
  6. Lick the glue and firmly fold the strip into the joint.

Rolling joints requires patience and a steady hand. With practice, it will become much easier!

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