How to Clean your Glass Pipe

From time to time, it’s good to give your pipe a thorough cleaning to clear out any bacteria that could potentially be growing and any resin build up. Scraping out the pipe with a paper clip is a very common cleaning technique, but it has several fall backs. Scraping will not completely ride your pipe of build up and it will definitely not kill any growing bacteria.

Boiling Method:

The most efficient and safe method to clean a glass pipe is the boiling method. Since this process submerges the pipe in water, even the hard to reach places will be cleaned.



  1. Small Non-Stick Sauce Pan
  2. Salt


  1. Fill your sauce pan with enough water to submerge your pipe completely.
  2. Add salt (or sea salt) as necessary. The coarseness of the salt can help clean the pipe even more, but it is not necessary.
  3. Place your pipe face-down in the pan and bring the water to a boil.
  4. Check the process of your pipe by turning it with tongs.

The pipe may roll while the water is boiling, but this aids in the removal of any gunk by loosing it. This is usually not damaging to the pipe. The style and size of the pipe will vary the time it takes for it to become fully clean. Make sure to let your pipe cool naturally since any abrupt temperature change will cause the glass to crack. There are quiet a few other ways to clean your glass pipe, but this method remains one of the simplest.


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